Sunday Serenade #12

You never know when you will last see someone and this week was a reminder of how quickly one can pass from this plane of existence.  

A former scout leader of mine, father of a grade school friend, and a fellow hiker on my first long distance hiking trip passed on this week.

We, the living, are filled with sorrow at his unexpected passing, and my sincerest hope is that his heart is filled with comfort and joy on the other side of the veil.

I remember you fondly, thank you for your level headed guidance and support and all that you did for others in your time here.

I hope this song is in the spirit of your season, Steve, peace be with you my friend. 

Here is one of my all time favorite gospel songs, performed by me and three of my friends from the Appalachian Trail. Please forgive our band name, it was Roadkill's idea and she was the driving force behind the album we put together.

Here is Roadkill, Invictus, Bear Cloud and I performing a spirited rendition of "I'll Fly Away."


<3 Will