Sunday Serenade #10

As I was unable to post a song last week, I figured I'd share two today.

I find this song floating through my head as I walk and fits well with the long distance hiking culture.  

Out here, everyone shares what they have and there is always more than enough to go around. One week I have more food than I can eat and some weeks I come up short and get by with "a little help from my friends." 

I poured about 8 glasses of red wine yesterday and offered a toast with those present and I felt like we were sharing what in church we call communion. 

Several weeks ago, a self identified Christian asked if there were many Christians on the trail. I offered my opinion that while many hikers may not identify as Christians, the spirit of Christ seems well and alive within those I encounter.

Whatever words one uses, when we share what we have with those around us, our sense of community strengthens and our "pack" becomes lighter and easier to carry, 

I am happy to share one of my favorite communion songs, "Let Us Break Bread Together," and it goes out to all my brothers and sisters on the trail and my church family at Land of the Sky UCC in Asheville.

I love you all and look forward to singing with you "down the trail."

<3 Will