Day 68 - 4th of July

We woke up in our "stealth" camping spot in time to meet some people walking their dog along the path we slept near.

For being in the middle of town, it felt pretty woodsy! 


This is what it looks like on the other side of the hill. 


We spent the morning and early afternoon at a local coffee shop and I worked on catching up my blog while the nearby street came to life for the annual 4th of July parade. 

It felt good to get caught up on my site and I look forward to being able to update it daily once we get a little further north.  

We visited some friends at Motel 6 and Enjoyed some fresh fruit and veggies on the balcony.




We sauntered down to a shopping plaza to pick up some supplies and met up with Ben, who invited us back to the condo he and some friends were renting.

10 of us relaxed into the evening in the hot tub and TJ cooked everyone hot dogs.

A late night dance party ensued and several of us got new hairdos and/or beard trims.  

I now have a significantly less hairy face and it feels GREAT. 

<3 Will