Day 62 - Vermillion Valley Resort

VVR is an intimate collection of 30 year old trailers, cabins and canvas tents nestled against the now mostly dry Lake Edison. 

We started the day with a delightful assortment of cronuts (croissant donuts) that Katie's friend Laurel brought from her bakery in Oakland.  

They were almost as delightful as Laurel herself. She then drove us over to Mono Hot Springs, a 7 mile trip up and down a steep, windy, gravel road. 


We were packed in like sardines and Navy Blue, her four legged friend made sure we were good and cozy.


We soaked our trail weary bodies in one of the hot springs bubbling up from deep within the earth and had lunch at the restaurant there before heading back down the dusty road to VVR, where we spent the rest of the day playing music and cribbage, a favorite card game of thru hikers that I learned as a Boy Scout. 

After hiking 100 Sierra miles in the previous 4 days, a day of rest was just what the doctor ordered and I couldn't have been in better company.

<3 Will