Day 55 - Back to Civilization

I hiked 8 miles over Kearsarge Pass to the Onion Valley Trailhead, my gateway to civilization.


It was a beautiful climb, and I met several hikers out for the weekend.  

 Near the top of the pass. 

Near the top of the pass. 

 Every summit feels like a victory :-) 

Every summit feels like a victory :-) 

I hiked down the other side and caught a ride with some locals who shared a ride to the nearby town of Independence. They were very kind and their only request was that I leave the window down to help keep the air fresh. 

from Independence, I hitched 40 miles to the town of Bishop, where I met up with friends and procured a ukulele at the local RadioShack/music store. 

here is a video of Vicki, my ride to Bishop, and me rocking out to Three Dog Night. 

Her husband is hiking the PCT and she was on her way to visit him. 

Thanks Vicki!!! 

I met up with Sara, Katie, and Ben, and we split a room at a local motel, my first of the trip.

It felt so good to sleep in a bed.

<3 Will