Day 88 - Sierra Hot Springs

I woke up thinking I had until 7 or 8 pm to hike the 16 miles into Sierra City (the time the general store closes according to my guide book), but apparently they close several hours earlier now.

We reached the general store around 5, just as the store keeper was locking up. We asked if we could pick up our packages but she declined.

There were several hikers milling about and a local asked if anyone would like a ride to the hot springs in nearby Sierraville.

We said YES! 

But before all this, there was hiking. 

We finally hiked past this beast that had been lurking in our vision for a day or so. 


And hiked past more unique rock formations. 


There were roads and bridges. 


And the first anonymous trail magic in many moons! 

Fresh fruit, muffins, and Gatorade. Thank you!!! 

Fresh fruit, muffins, and Gatorade. Thank you!!! 

Here is a video I took about a mile from the highway:

Once I reached the road, I caught a ride in almost no time. Things were looking good until I met the lady closing up shop.

And then things got even better. 

We made it to Sierra Hot Springs  compliments of Dale, and soaked the evening away in this very unique and welcoming setting. 

It was a wonderful silver lining to not being able to pick up our packages at the store.  Shoot, that could wait until tomorrow! ;-)

<3 Will