Day 37 - Hikertown

It was a brisk morning so I lounged in my sleeping bag until the sun warmed me up.  

I got moving at about 9:30 and enjoyed a cool and breezy hike for most of the morning.

The further I descended, the warmer and less green it got.  

I saw some friends picnicking but I had a feeling I should push on and get to Hikertown as soon as possible. 

I completed the 15 mile hike by 2:45 pm which is smokin fast (by my standards). 

Once I got there I understood why my gut had me in such a hurry. Two of my best friends were getting picked up in 15 minutes to leave the trail. 

One had injured his knee pretty badly the day before and the other was just plain fed up with the desert. Another injured friend left with them and they all headed off to recuperate in the nearby town of Mohave.

You never know how much time you get to share with another person, which is part of what makes relationships on the trail so special.

I'm glad they had the courage to do what's best for them.  I will always love you Moon Burned and GT Cookie, ya'll feel like family and I am a richer man for having met you.

I relaxed for a while and then laced up my shoes to hike another 12 miles along the aqueduct. 

I hiked into the evening with Indiana and Chunks, a couple I met on the first day while Chunks was in the process of heaving the contents of her stomach onto the trail. It was good to see them again. 

At one point, we shared the trail with a couple hundred sheep. 

We talked into the night about Iowa amongst other topics as they are contemplating a move to Oskaloosa.

It's a small world after all.

<3 Will