Day 44 - Day Trip to Onyx and Lake Isabella

We started the day with fresh fruit someone had left for us at the campground and some eggs that Hanna Solo cooked up for us in her jetboil. 

We spotted a red van and knew it could be only one man, Devilfish. He is from DC and hiked the PCT last year and is spending the summer helping hikers on the trail with rides, water, and other acts of kindness. He saw me hitching to town and offered me a ride. 

I picked up a care package from my friend, Nicki, someone I've known most of my life but truly became friends with when we were both living young adult lives in Des Moines. 

This stuff really hit the spot as I've been starting to crave more natural foods and the protein is a huge nutritional boost.  

I went to a strip mall with a food court, hoping to update my blog and charge my batteries from the comfort of indoors but was soon asked to buy something or leave. I had hoped to buy some ice cream at least but wasn't yet hungry but after finishing a couple emails decided it would be best to leave. As I typed, I could feel the eyes of the owner still on me so I moved on next door to the senior center where I was warmly received. They told me that guy was a jerk but that everyone still goes there because it's the only place in town. Oh well. 

I did some work on my phone and then noticed there was a yoga class in session and the workers encouraged me to check it out and offered to watch my gear while I participated. 

I stretched and chanted with the surprising agile ancient of days and may have even fallen asleep when the teacher was sounding a gong during savasana.

I left feeling incredibly relaxed and then noticed that I had just minutes before the last bus left for the trail. I hurriedly wrote a note on my blog to inform everyone that I may not have much reception the next couple weeks and then rushed out To the bus with Muscles from Brussels, my Austrian friend who spent the afternoon playing bingo at the senior center.

Note to self: senior centers are  AWESOME!!!

We caught the bus in time and headed back to the trail. My stomach felt upset so I took it easy after the windy bus ride and hiked a cool 2.5 miles up to the ridge line and called it a day. 

I saw a sun dog when I reached my resting place and felt confident that today was more about the smiles than the miles.

Here is a video of me recapping my day from the comfort of "home."

<3 Will