Day 43 - Cold and Rainy

This desert hiking experience has been one of extremes and the past 48 hours have been a perfect example of this.

I woke to cloudy skies and still felt dehydrated so I drank a good chunk of my remaining water supply. 

Thankfully there was a massive water cache that our friend Devilfish was maintaining, complete with a cell phone charging station. what a guy! 

I made it to my next opportunity for water, which was 8 miles up trail and .7 miles off trail in a marshy area. Some friends didn't want to make the steep 1.5 mile round trip to the seep so I gave them the liter I carried from the cache and they gave me a Starbucks hot chocolate packet. Thanks Wonder Woman, good trade! I wanted to fill up on 3 liters of water to ensure I made it the last 15 miles to Walker Pass so it worked out well for all.

And, amidst this arid section of desert, it began to rain.  

Here is a video of me hiking in the rain, complete with a pack cover I fashioned out of a trash bag I'd been carrying for several hundred miles, specifically for this purpose:


I made it to my destination, 54ish miles in two days, and celebrated with several friends by leading a group sing of a parody of "We are the Champions," that I'd been cooking up while hiking down to Walker Pass. 

It rained again in the evening so we scampered into our tents and said goodnight. 

<3 Will