Day 42 - Hot and Dry

I woke up feeling motivated to hike and by 6:30 am had reached another milestone.

It was a wonderful way to start the day out here on the PCT. 

It was a cool morning and I thought maybe all this hot desert stuff wouldn't be happening today. 

I met some forest service workers who were out clearing the trail, they were all in great spirits and were really friendly. 

As I hiked on it got warmer and significantly more "deserty." 

Here is a video of me beginning an attempt to hike 42 miles without filling up on water:

And shortly after my bold declaration, it got really, really, HOT. 

The temperature soared throughout the afternoon and Laura's thermometer read a temperature of 105 and Crunchberry's read 110.

It was HOT and I got THIRSTY.

We hiked into the setting sun but at one point I had to lay down, growing delirious from the heat still radiating from the sky and sandy desert floor. I drank a bunch of water and chowed down on trail mix and Nutella, and listened to Pieta Brown's gorgeous album "Paradise Outlaw."

Feeling refreshed and rehydrated, I hiked into the night, and carried on long after the sun went down, enjoying the company of cool winds and a sky full of stars. 

I felt richly rewarded for my night hiking efforts when I crossed paths with this intriguing form of life, one I'd been waiting for.

It was one of my highest mileage days, cranking out 28.5 miles before laying down for the night. 

It felt SO good to rest.

<3 Will