Day 28 - 400 miles!!!

Today started with a road walk detour around a 4 mile section of the trail that is closed due to being the habitat for an endangered species, the Arroyo Toad.

We finished the road walk intact and were greeted at the nearby campground by a kindhearted couple that offered us water, fruit, granola bars, and almonds.

Here is a closer look. 

We met back up with the PCT and soon approached the 400 mile mark. 

I also saw a curiously burned pine tree. 

And had to get a closer look. 

We breaked at a Boy Scout Camp and filled up on orange tinted water. 

We hiked on a few more miles and camped upon a nice flat spot on a low peak. 

On our way up, I took a picture of this rather striking individual. 

Once we were settled in, Moon Burned taught me how to play rummy as I ate my Mac and Cheese and snack pack pudding cup for dinner. 

It feels so good to be hiking and camping with friends. 

<3 Will