Dear Friends & Fellow Travelers


Thank you for visiting this weekly song project.

I desire to share something that is valuable and yet free, and present it in a way that makes you smile and look forward to next week's edition. There is a philanthropic goal for the project, too, which may feel like a fun way to share with others and is completely optional.

The songs will be shared in the following ways:

1) A weekly email that you can sign up for (and unsubscribe or resubscribe to at any time)

2) A growing album called Song of the Week.

The weekly emails will also contain a photograph, an introduction, and three questions that one may ask themselves and others. At the bottom of the message will be an invitation to help funnel money to refugee children through a World Food Program initiative called ShareTheMeal.

ShareTheMeal is a grant funded Smartphone app that makes great use of today's technology to help alleviate world hunger. Donations may be made in increments as small as $0.50 which is the average cost to feed a hungry refugee child for a day.

By using the ShareTheMeal app and contributing as part of the #MannaMusic team, you will participate in an experimental form of musical alchemy that is designed to nourish fellow humans around the globe, with a simple tap of your finger upon your phone.

This project is designed as a rolling 52 week series of emails, so feel free to sign up any time of the year and to take breaks whenever needed. I have a tendency to unsubscribe and resubscribe from things from time to time and I hope that you feel similarly free.

For more information about ShareTheMeal, visit their site at and download the app on your Smartphone.


Through Space & Time,



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